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*Survey - put this in an LJ cut

Name: Melissa. 
Age: Eighteen.
Sex: Female.
Location: North Babylon, New York.
Name your 5 favorite bands: Danzig, Malice Mizer, Metallica, Nirvana, and Scars of Life. 
Post at least one picture of yourself on here..just so we can see who you are(optional):

What are all the names of the members of the bands? Krist Novoselic (Kris, Chris), Dave Grohl, and Kurt Cobain (Kurt Kobain, Curt Cobain)  What was the name of their first single? "Love Buzz"
Was it a cover song? Yes, it was.
If so, what was the name and who was it by originally? "Love Buzz" by Shocking Blue.
What day did Kurt Die? There is no exact date for his death but only research that he could of been killed several days earlier. The day the electrician found him was April 8th.

Do you think Courtney killed Kurt? Yes.
Do you think that Kurt was suicidal? Yes, at times.
Do you think Nirvana is the greatest band ever? No, no band is really great because others have various points of view. I think Nirvana was a band that just did what they wanted to, and made people think, hate, or love them.

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