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Hey, im new to the community,
Here goes:


Name: Lindsey
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Location: New York
Name your 5 favorite bands:  Nirvana, The Beatles, Pinkfloyd, Smashing Pumpkins, Fleming & John

What are all the names of the members of the bands? Kurt cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl
What was the name of their first single? Love Buzz
Was it a cover song? Yes
If so, what was the name and who was it by originally? Shocking Blue
What day did Kurt Die? April 5, 1994

Do you think Courtney killed Kurt? I believe she may have been involved
Do you think that Kurt was suicidal? Yes
Do you think Nirvana is the greatest band ever? One of them.
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